Monday, February 25, 2013

Weight Watcher mishap

I've been on Weight Watchers now for 2 weeks and up until this morning I was really enjoying it. I was even telling my friend on Saturday night how I'm not suffering at all like I normally do when I'm dieting. Since I can't weigh myself until Easter morning I was concerned that I would be doing this for 6 weeks or so and see now results.

This morning I found out why this has been so easy. I wanted to change my weigh in day (even though I'm not weighing in) to Mondays so my weekly points would reset on Mondays instead of Wednesdays which is how I had it set up. I couldn't find a way to do that on my phone ap, so I went to the website and started poking around the setting. I looked at my profile and was shocked to that the "yes" was checked when asked if I was breastfeeding. I haven't breast fed my daughter in a year and a half! I am pretty disappointed in the fact that Weight Watchers keeps all that old information and doesn't ask you to update it when you sign up again. I haven't been a Weight Watchers member for over a year.

For the past 2 weeks I've been eating 40 points a day and after I adjusted that information, my points went down to 33 a day. No wonder I wasn't suffering, I was eating too much! To say I was mad was an understatement. I am going to write Weight Watchers a note to tell them what happened. I highly doubt they will care, but I will feel better letting them know that if you reactivate an old account they should wipe out your old settings.

Right now I feel like I'm back to square one. Ugh..... I feel like the last 2 weeks was wasted. I guess if I had to look at the bright side these past 2 weeks have slowly gotten me into the Weight Watching mode. I have also worked out and I rarely used my activity points so I most likely wasn't that far off on the days I worked out. I'm also glad that I haven't weighed in because it would most likely have shown a very minimal weight loss and I might have just given up. At least now that I truly am on the right track, I have a month before I weigh myself.

If anyone is considering joining Weight Watchers online, look at the information carefully so you don't make the same mistake I did.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My last weigh in is tomorrow. Then I have to wait 40 days to weigh again. Wow this is going to be tough.

I feel really good because I have a plan now. I just joined Weight Watchers online. I signed up for 90 days. I'm going to give it 110% for 90 days and see what happens. I'm not saying I won't weigh in for 90 days, but I'm saying I will follow the plan for 90 days. I remember trying this plan (at that time it was their "new plan") and I wasn't successful at it. I don't like change so now I'm wondering if I just didn't give it my all at that time. If I remember correctly, the scale wasn't moving quickly enough for me so I gave up. I won't have that problem this time because I'm not going to weigh in each day.

This time I'm committing to 90 days. I will weigh in about day 40-45 which will be half way through. If I'm successful at losing weight I will continue beyond 90 days, but this is all I'm willing to commit to right now.

I'm also happy because my hubby and I are going out to dinner on Friday night and Applebee's has a WW menu that I can choose from. My points will already be calculated and I'll know what to get going in. That is a big obstacle for me, eating out on a diet. For this first week I'm glad I can go there and not even have to think about it.

I do have one problem. On WW you have to weigh in each week and I can't do that right now. I think the points get recalculated as you lose. I guess I could get on the scale, have my husband look at it and enter it into the computer. I don't want to be eating too many points as I'm losing weight. I have no idea how that is calculated though so I'm hoping it won't deter me if the points don't go down one week.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Well, things could be better but they could be worse. I started this year with a goal of losing one pound a week. Sounds like a no brainer huh? Well, not exactly. I haven't gained anything, but I haven't lost a lot either. I'm kind of just maintaining but I'm getting out what I'm putting in which is basically nothing.

I could give a bunch of excuses as to why this has happened, but it really comes down to time and priorities. I haven't made it a priority and my time has been taken up by other things. I know this and I accept this but that doesn't mean I'm going to continue on like this.

I'm not really a "religious" person but I have found a Church that is non denominational and uses humor and common sense to explain the Bible. Last week there was a talk about "worshiping false Gods." I never knew it, but I am guilty of this. My "false God" is the scale. I wake up and the firs thing I want to do is get on the scale. Then, depending on the number I see, I decide my mood for the day. I'm done. I'm sick of doing that and I shouldn't let a damn number decide anything. So I came up with a new plan.

Starting Wednesday (beginning of Lent) I am not going to get on my scale for 40 days. I am also going to start Weight Watchers. Honestly, after all these years (not every year since I've been a kid) of giving up things, I think this is going to be the hardest. I'm not going to be getting that validation from the scale  and that is going to be hard.

I know Weight Watchers, and I've been successful doing the WW program. I think I'm just going to do the online program because I have never really found accountability going to the meetings. I'm not really an outgoing person so I just sit there, listen and leave. I've never really found a support group at the meetings so I'm going to try it this way. One of my BFF's has just started the program so we will do it together, but she has all of 15 pounds to lose. I have much more than that to lose.

I'm excited to start this. There are a few reasons I'm waiting until Wednesday. One thing, it's symbolic of the whole Lent thing. Instead of getting on the scale I'm going to start my day reading a Bible verse or daily devotion or something along those lines. I'm going to see how my days go doing this instead of getting on the scale. Also, my daughter turns 7 this weekend and we have a big party as well as other dinners to celebrate. While I'm not planning on going crazy, I'm also realistic and know that it's not the best time to start something new. I'd like to say I'm going to be strong and can resist all the food that will be before me, but that's not gonna happen.  I will make healthy choices when I can, but I will eat cake.

I will try to update once a week, although I won't reporting numbers of pounds lost. Maybe I will start looking for other "NSV's" (non scale victories) I can report. I'm looking forward to something new that doesn't involve numbers. I'm also not saying I will never get on the scale. Lent only goes until Easter so  I will be weighing in after that. I'm just hoping this will teach me it's not ALL about the numbers and more about how I feel.