Thursday, March 21, 2013

I think I have found the best diet plan out there. It's called the stomach flu. It's not fun by any means, but boy when I had it, I didn't eat much for 2 days. I don't really know if it was the flu or something I ate, but I was down for the count this past weekend. I am back on track now, but I really wish I could weigh myself because I'm curious to see how much I lost after not eating for 2 days.

My friend told me I should get my gall bladder checked. Every few months I throw up for no reason. It's usually after eating greasy foods. I did ask my doctor about it and she said all the blood work looked ok, but I think I might push the issue and ask for an ultrasound. It's mighty inconvenient to not know when this will happen.

I did take 3 days off from working out when I was sick, but yesterday I was back on the treadmill. It felt good to walk again and get those extra WW points. I have also started running a minute here and there but my foot hurts the following day as well as my left knee. I'm going to have to figure out why that's happening. I think the incline is too high on my treadmill and that is what is bothering my knee. Next time I run, I'm going to put the incline down to 2 and see what happens.

I am so excited to weigh in after Easter. I will be out of town on the actual day so I'm planning on weighing in a few days after Easter. I'm really hoping I will see a good number. I'm trying not to set myself up for disappointment, but I'm hoping to have lost 5 or more pounds. By Easter, I will have been on WW for 50 days. I think 5 or more is reasonable. 10 or more should be reasonable but like I said, I don't want to set myself up for disappointment.

After getting rid of the scale I have decided that I am going to weigh in once a week from now on. Daily is just too much and there are too many fluctuations with water and other things going on in my body. I sabotage myself when I don't see what I want to see and even if I do see what I want to see. I will tell myself "Oh, I was down on the scale today so I can eat this piece of pizza" So I guess I'm damned if I do, and damned if i don't. But I do want to see progress. That helps with motivation.

I know I will most likely not write again until after Easter so everyone have a blessed Easter and don't eat too much!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

I never did call Weight Watchers. I am kind of a wimp about those kinds of things, but I still might call this week. I know the timing will be off, but they really should know those settings should be reset or at least remind someone that there might be old information in there.

I am SO happy to report that I am doing FANTASTIC on Weight Watchers! I really do love this diet, however I have still not weighed in so I might not love it so much after I do find out how much I have lost. I feel SO good though, so I can't imagine that I have not lost weight. I know that I have lost something because I did measure myself quickly yesterday and I've lost at least an inch from my waist an 3/4 of an inch from my bust (of course.)

If you are considering Weight Watchers, I would recommend it whole heartedly. Here are a few reasons:

1- Even if you "cheat" you can still salvage your day. Last Sunday I was so hungry after Church that I stopped and got a pizza for the family. I had 3 pieces. Before WW I would have just chalked it up to a bad day and started over on Monday. However, I decided to track the points and see where I was at. The 3 pieces of pizza were 21 points which left me one point for the day. I realized that if I worked out, I could add back 4-5 points and still be able to have a salad for dinner if I wanted to. That's exactly what I did. I worked out, and had a salad for dinner and was able to stay within my points for the day.

2- This plan makes me work out much more. When I can add 4-5 points a day by working out for anywhere from 45-60 mins a day, I'm going to do it! I'm using my treadmill in the basement for the most part but I did go to the gym yesterday and had a great cardio work out. The baby is slowly but surely getting used to the daycare there and now that Winter is almost behind us, she's not getting sick every time she goes.

3- Most days I don't feel hungry. I'm not going to lie, it's not a walk in the park everyday. There are some days when all I want to do is eat and I can't. That's just not an option in my life anymore if I want to lose weight. But, for the most part, 90% of the time I'm satisfied and I've learned to have zero point snacks on hand just in case.

I've been in this place before. I know I can do this. I just have to keep going, day by day and don't look ahead too far. I know that today I can do this. That's all I'm going to think about. Today is going to be a good day.

I'm also starting Oprah's and Deepak Chopra's 21 day meditation today. I have never been successful at meditation, but I have heard and read it's the best thing you can do for your body and soul. I'm going to give it a shot. Hopefully every morning after I get daughter #1 off to school, daughter #2 will sleep long enough for me to actually do it. Today is day #1 so we'll see how it goes. It's always been hard for me to meditate because it's hard for me to keep my mind quiet. I always start thinking about things I need to get done around the house or someone interrupts me when I'm trying to do it. I'll post again after a few days to let you know how it's going.