Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! For all my whining the last post I can say that I managed to maintain my weight over the holidays. From Thanksgiving to New Years I weighed the exact same which is really good considering how I was feeling. It is a higher weight but I'm so glad I didn't put on an additional 10 pounds.

I am on day #3 of a new healthy me! I started tracking my food and drinking more water. I figured out my BMR which tells me how many calories my body needs just to stay alive at this weight. I deducted 500 calories per day so with diet alone I should lose a pound a week. If I add exercise in there, I will lose more weight. I don't have the exact numbers with me but deducting 500 calories a day put me at around 1800 calories per day. That's a lot. I can easily stay around 1500 and feel satisfied for the most part with what I've eaten for the day. By doing that I can lose almost 2 pounds a week with diet alone.

For the last 3 days I have eaten about 1500 calories per day. I can't say I'm "happy" with what I eat. I've created some really bad habits over the last 6 months that are going to take some time to break. I'd been stopping at McDonalds and getting a Mocha Frappe. The calories in that drink are obscene. I can feel myself wanting to drive there and get one, but there is no way I can lose weight and drink those at the same time. I would also treat myself to something sweet after each meal. That has to stop as well. It's ok if I allow myself something small each day, but that's it. Not a few times a day.

I guess what got me motivated was my niece being here over New Year's. My husband got "me" the XBOX 360 with Kinect for Christmas. (I have yet to use it but he's gotten really good at Call of Duty) Anyway, my niece asked me if I'd join her dance party with my daughter one evening and I didn't really answer her. I didn't end up dancing with them because I had no energy. I just couldn't believe that I'd become one of those moms who can't even play with their kids. I will not allow that. I WILL lose this weight so this Summer my kids will have a hard time keeping up with me. I will only have a few years with my kids being small and wanting to play with me. It's not too late to turn things around. At least I hope so.....