Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trying something new...... Again

All of my efforts lately to lose weight have been unsuccessful. I was doing well on the low carb diet until I went on vacation and then it all went to hell. My birthday is next week and I'm getting ready to go on another vacation, so my mind set right now is " I'm not going to do well until I get back from vacation, so why bother doing a strict diet right now?"

But, I do have a plan. The first part of my plan was to join a new gym which I have done. Letting go of the gym membership I have been a member of since 2007 was tough. However, my daughter never warmed up to the daycare and hated going. That gave me plenty of reason not to go at all. I joined a newish, smaller, cleaner gym that has a fantastic daycare. I took her there the other day and she was there with one other baby. The lady said it was "busier" earlier in the day with 6 kids. I had to laugh because at the old gym there were easily over 25 kids there at any given time.

I have also joined a local hospitals weight loss program. I start after my vacation in October. For a price, you get a diet created for you by a dietician and appointments with a psychologist to help figure out why I eat which I am really looking forward to. Then you go to weekly meetings with other people and the psychologist and dietician so if I have any questions about what I'm doing, I can get answers from the professionals. I think the program is 12 weeks so that will take me right through the holidays. In the past I've always had a mindset where the holidays only come once a year so I need to eat all the seasonal foods and drinks. This program will eliminate that and I'm already putting it into my mind that I can indulge next year, but for this year, I'm doing this.

Next week is my 45th birthday. My mom passed away when she was 44. This is HUGE for me. In the back of my mind, I'd always thought that I wasn't going to live a long life. But, as of right now, I'm going to outlive her. So, I guess if I'm going to be here I need to get healthy and this year is as good as any to do this.

I LOVE the show Extreme Weight Loss. They take morbidly obese people and follow them for a year and they lose A LOT of weight. I'm going to do that on a smaller scale. I don't have hundreds of pounds to lose, but I have at least 50+ pounds to lose. If I get it into my head that I have a whole year to do this, it's doable.

I have to get through this month first. I don't want to gain anymore weight so I'm going to take each day as it comes, work out and eat as healthy as I can. I'm so mad at myself for not losing the weight I told myself I'd lose before going on vacation. But, I can't change the past so I need to forgive myself and move on.

I'm relieved that I at least have a plan now. I can do this. I will post more as the program starts. Wish me luck!